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More About Stand O’ Food Game

Stand O’ Food is a time management testing game. If you are among the people who love completing a task before the ‘ting’ of the timer this game is going to really get you competitive. The current update of the game, version 1.8.8 has been made more interesting with over 370 new quests, 50 new collections which you can use to decorate and expand your city and you can take big spins and get free crystals. Stand O’ Food is a name that stands out as it is and it hasn’t lost popularity since the first time it was launched, around 2014. The publisher, G5 has made updates which ought to tickle one’s sense of time management and strategy skills.

How to get started

Stand O’ Food is a time management game challenges a player to handle customers as they rush into your burger shop with their orders. The initial name of a user is ‘Player’ and there is an option on the left bottom corner to change it into something more interesting and motivating. Once you’ve decided to go with a name that more defines the kind of player you are you can go on to select the level you want to embark this journey on. There are three levels Easy, Normal and Hard. If you’re just a beginner testing out the waters try starting with the Easy because a little practice at a new game never hurts anyone.


The game opens into you working in a shop serving customers their orders. The customers come into the shop and they have an image of their order in a small dialogue box over their head. There is every ingredient you will need to replicate these orders right behind you. You have to get the ingredients right by clicking on them in order and serve them as soon a possible. If by any chance you pick up a wrong ingredient you have to throw it in a trash can. The customers come in one by one and the speed of customers coming in increases as time goes by. You can only pick up the ingredient at the very end of your belt and this is where you strategize how you will make the ingredients come in perfect order. There is a holding plate where you can keep ingredients which you don’t require immediately.

As you keep collecting revenues and reach reassigned goals you are marching steadily into making your own Stand O’ Food Empire.

Sum it up

Stand O’ Food is a captivating game. Want to experience a race against time? Then this game is where you want to be.a

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